We’re Climate Champions!

Sponsored by the Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change, the MCC is proud to be a 2022 Climate Champion. We submitted applications in categories for Sustainable Land Use and Water Saving Practices, and are one of 77 local organizations who are being recognized (and one of only a few in multiple categories). As one member says, “We’re practicing what we preach!” Click here for the press release.

Caring for Creation
at the Madison Christian Community

The Land-Use Umbrella Group (LUUG) provides the primary oversight for caring for creation at the MCC. To join a project and tend to this place by harvesting, weeding, chainsawing, and more, contact LUUG through the church office at


Food Gardens

Our Food Pantry Garden grows over 5,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables annually. Produce is donated to Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) and Lussier Community Education Center food pantries, as well as Tree Lane apartment residents, and is also harvested and used by Chrysalis clients to make and sell  popsicles.

As with all gardens here, crops are organic and raised pesticide-free. Compost piles are available to turn community food scraps into rich soil. Don’t miss a pause to visit the beauty of the flower cutting garden.


Kids in the Garden

Kids in the Garden is a summer "garden camp" where children from Lussier Center join with people from the MCC to experience what the
garden offers. Each week, new lessons and activities teach about the interconnectedness of the garden to all of life, respect for living things and each other, and healthy eating.

Web Garden Sign 2.jpg

Old Sauk Community Gardens

Old Sauk Community Garden, hosted by the MCC, serves over 50 families. Plots are available for a nominal fee through Gardens Network, a collaborative partnership between Community GroundWorks, Dane County   UW-Extension and the City of Madison (danegardens.net). Visit oldsaukcommunitygardens.org to learn more.



With our mission to care for God’s earth and celebrate our origins, our native prairie preserves a part of the natural diversity that thrived before European settlers came to  southern Wisconsin. Maintaining the prairie since 1983 has been a cooperative effort by members of MCC.

In the spring, church members burn the prairie to stimulate native plants and control non-native species. In June, the purple of     spiderwort covers the prairie; in the heat of summer, purple coneflower and cup plant shine; in the fall, goldenrod, asters, and  native grasses bloom and sway.

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Labyrinths are a walking meditation to enable quiet, prayerful reflection. They are found in many religious traditions around the world. The continuous path leads to the center and back out. The labyrinth’s turns and resting places can symbolize your spiritual journey, inviting you to experience the presence of the Spirit in your life. 

Labyrinths at the MCC (both outdoor and   inside the Covenant Room) are patterned after the 800-year old design at  Chartres Cathedral in France.

The stone sculpture "Namaste" (“the Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you,” carved by congregation member Don Tubesing) invites you to sit on a marble bench before or after your walk, an expansion of your calm reflection.

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Memorial Garden

As Easter morning dawned on a graveside, we too gather in the hope of resurrected life in Jesus that overcomes death. The Memorial Garden is a place to look back and look forward in hope. This space holds the cremated ashes of departed loved ones. The motif of the garden features a circle of unending life and a cross aligned to the east in the promise of new light and life.

Since early times, Christians have used their churches and church yards as places of internment. Madison Christian Community offers this Memorial Garden as a place of peace and beauty to inter ashes of loved ones following cremation.

For more information, please check out these documents:

Memorial Garden Brochure


Rules and Regulations

Memorial Garden Application