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The MCC as My PFD

We are blessed to have support systems upon which we can rely in the toughest of times, and with whom we can share the many joys of life. Support systems include family, friends, neighbors, church, social groups, and pets. They can act like a personal flotation device, or PFD, when the seas of life are rough. With this in mind, this year we’re pondering all the ways that our faith and our MCC community have acted as a PFD in our lives. We even have a catchy phrase for our stewardship campaign: The MCC as My PFD.

This year we are hearing the stories of when the people in the MCC faced challenges, and how the MCC, and their faith, helped them through the challenges. We also are hearing about how MCC ministries and outreach efforts are helping to calm some of the turbulence we encounter in our lives. Take a look at the Stewardship Letter and the Narrative Budget for 2024 and click the links to make your commitment to Advent and/or Hope and to update your volunteer preferences on MSP.

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