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Our Partnership & Mission

Community of Hope, UCC and Advent Lutheran ELCA are in an ecumenical partnership and together we are the Madison Christian Community. We own our church building together, have a common budget, share in the education programs for all ages, fellowship events, youth ministry and worship together throughout the year. Each congregation also has a life of its own.

Community of Hope is an Open and Affirming congregation and Advent is a Reconciling n Christ congregation. Our community welcomes people of all ages, denominational backgrounds, abilities, races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

May our community be a sanctuary for all, where diversity is welcomed as a gift from God!


All are Welcome!
In the Spirit of Jesus, we affirm diversity in the Body of Christ as gift from God, including all ages, races, abilities, religious and denominational backgrounds, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations. Advent is a Reconciling in Christ congregation and Community of Hope is Open and Affirming.

As a congregation that has committed to offer sanctuary, we trust in God embracing all of us regardless of ethnic or national identity, citizenship status, legal standing, or criminal history.

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