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MCC Announcements

The MCC consists of two vibrant congregations with many shared ministries. An email is sent every Thursday with the latest on what's happening in and around the MCC. To submit an announcement, please click below. The deadline for submitting is Wednesday at noon.

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Worship This Sunday

Worship This Sunday

In Hope

Part of evangelizing is being clear about what message you and your church have to share with others. But for many churches, this can be a hard thing to nail down. Using a Ted Talk this week, we'll explore how Community of Hope can more effectively express its purpose and mission as one form of evangelism. Join us for the second part of a three-part sermon series on evangelizing.
Livestream Link


In Advent

Annie, you’re a beloved child of God! We celebrate Anne Dawn Kosai’s baptism in worship at 10:15 in and from the Blessing Room and welcome a new member family. Our Bible readings include Israel demanding a king (despite Samuel’s warnings) and later Jesus refusing to be a king. What do we think of this? Worship is shaped by ELW setting 4.
Livestream Link
Reading Sheet
ELW setting 4


Adult Ed: Empty Nesters' Panel

We continue this week with our new theme of "Mapping Faith" by mapping the spiritual changes that happen at certain times of life. This week, we are inviting a panel of those in our MCC community who are have recently experienced becoming empty nesters. We'll ask, "how has watching your kids move out of the house impact your relationship with faith and church?" Come here personal stories and have a chance to ask questions. Adult Ed is at 9:00am in the Covenant Room.

Faith Formation

Faith Formation continues Sunday, September 24th at 9:00am for kiddos 4K-6th grade. Join us as we explore all of the ways God provides for and forgives us!

The MCC Is My PFD!

We introduced the theme for our annual stewardship campaign last Sunday. Why is Pastor Jen wearing a life preserver during worship? Watch the skit (maybe even for a second time) to see what we’re up to, on how church can be uplifting or maybe even life-saving.

Your stories: We also want to hear from you! What are your stories of how MCC makes you feel uplifted? Where has faith or this community been a vital resource to keep you going amid the storms of life? How have you witnessed us doing it for others? How is the MCC your PFD? We’re looking for people who would be willing to share in worship (or be part of future skits), as well as written reflections. Contact Pastors Jen or Nick, Edd Hellmer, or Corkey Custer.

Last Chance to Immerse Yourself

Poems of Praise and Promise in Stone is the theme of Don Tubesing’s stone sculptures. Neighbors-near and far-are invited in to share the joy and magnificence of the diverse sculptures and ponder the soul-touching poetry during the open house hours scheduled in September.

This exhibit will only be up through the rest of September, so take a chance to immerse yourself one last time!

Open exhibit hours to the public will be held 1 – 5 PM Saturday September 23--and celebrate the Equinox walking the Labyrinth.
Please share this invitation with family and friends!


Art Wall Call for Suggestions

The Art Wall is one of our ministries of welcoming others. The creativity display brings us wonder, delight, and insight. The Art Wall Team would like your suggestions for displays. Do you have work waiting to share with others or know someone who does? Contact Jane Moorman or Lois Komai with ideas.


RARI Updates

The Road Ahead Review Implementation (RARI) team met together several times during the summer, and each of the four members (Lynn Breedlove, Nancy Tubesing, Dan Streit, and Raelene Freitag) continued work on specific projects. Follow this link for a recap of what we are working on, and where things stand.


Fall Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Sat., Sept. 23 - Drop in between 1-5pm. Celebrate the changing seasons; honor the harvest time in your life. Indoor and outdoor labyrinths will be open. $5 donation appreciated.
-Lois Komai and Sonja Keesey Berg,
MCC labyrinth coordinators


MCC Lay Ministry Study Group

Looking for: A few kind souls to meet and form a plan for a Lay Ministry Team at the MCC
Next meeting: Thursday, Sept 28 at 4:30PM (or early evening if that works better)
Time Commitment: One meeting/month in Sep, Oct, Nov (and maybe Dec)
Contact: Raelene Freitag or Linda Peterson.
*This is a short-term commitment based on a need found in the Road Ahead Review process. We will meet a few times this year to share ideas and make a plan to share with the pastors and the leadership team. Our goal is to seek approval and get a Lay Ministry Team started in 2024. Please join us!


Pub Theology

Resuming on the last Tuesday of the month (Sept. 26), folks from local churches gather at the Thirsty Goat on Fish Hatchery, 6:00-8:00. You’re welcome to order food or beverages, and we’ll have conversations about faith in the face of current events and more. It’s a great chance to hear from other faith perspectives.

Art and Soul: Reclaiming our Creativity – with John Mix

John Mix is offering to schedule a workshop for all who would like to explore their creativity in a safe space free of judgment and criticism. Using simple art materials (pastels, crayons, colored pencils etc.) people are invited to stay in the present moment and allow color to have a "voice." The inner critic for many of us has been too harsh and not allowed enough play. After a time of expressing on paper there is opportunity to share your experience although it is optional. Many people are pleasantly surprised to see a visual "language" they once knew long ago. This is not art therapy but all art-making is therapeutic and therefore restorative to what really matters in life. Group size is limited to 9. If you might be interested, contact John at 608-622-2477 or

BIC Clothing Drive for Asylum Seekers

Beth Israel Center, another Dane Sanctuary Coalition member, will be volunteering at Casa Alitas in Tucson in Oct. They are asking our help in gathering clothing items to bring with them for the many asylum seekers who often arrive with only the clothes on their backs. You can learn more about their trip, needed items and Casa Alitas by going to the link. We are collecting downstairs at the MCC, near the office, where there is also a list of the items needed. We have till Sept 29 to collect items which we will deliver to Beth Israel Center. Thank you for helping welcome these newcomers to our country!



Special Showing at the MCC

SEEKING ASYLUM: A Mother’s Journey

The MCC will be hosting a special showing of SEEKING ASYLUM, an award-winning feature documentary that bears witness to the endless deterrents migrants face when petitioning for asylum in the United States. During one of the most uncertain times in our country's history, Seeking Asylum documents the challenges asylum seekers face and shows why asylum is an integral part of the American Dream that we cannot afford to lose. Weds. September 27, 6:00 to 8:30pm at the MCC. Requested donations of $25 per person, to be paid online or at the door. Members of the immigrant community are invited at no cost. Donations go to support the sponsoring organizations’ work for immigrant justice. Click here for more info and to make a donation.
Sponsored by: Voces de la Frontera, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, the Community Immigration Law Clinic, and Jewish Social Services of Madison


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