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Looking for a new church home?


Whether you are looking for a spiritual outlet or a chance to get your hands in the dirt, there’s many opportunities to connect! Join us for worship, a Bible study, choir practice, volunteer hours in the prairie, youth group, and more. Our grounds are open to the public and anyone is welcome to our worship services and weekly programming.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events. 

Becoming a Member

If the Madison Christian Community feels like the right spiritual home for you, consider becoming a member. At the MCC, you have the option to become a member at either Community of Hope or Advent Lutheran, or both! No matter if you join just one congregation or both, you will be an integral part of the whole MCC community. If membership feels like the right path for you, please reach out to one or both of our pastors.


Following in the life of Jesus, we practice baptism as an important part of joining the Body of Christ. We offer baptism to those who have not been previously baptized elsewhere, from infant to adult. In baptism, we celebrate the new life that Jesus offers us, and we delight in God’s joy and love for each of us.

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At MCC, we practice an open table during communion. Jesus invites every person to the table, where he offers us welcome and rest. Everyone from children to the very old, newcomers, sinners and saints, those on the margins, those who feel awkward, those who think differently– EVERYONE– is welcome to receive the gift Jesus shares with us. We offer gluten free bread and both juice and wine so that no one may be excluded.

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Are you looking for a place to celebrate your marriage? Our non-traditional sanctuaries and cheery pastors may be right for you. Besides straight couples, we welcome weddings for those in the LGBTQ+ community, or can do simple prayerful gatherings for your relationship, if a wedding isn’t right. The larger sanctuary can seat about 175, and the smaller about 90.

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