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First Nations
and the MCC

Recap from the First Nations and the MCC Group

On March 5, our First Nations group led Adult Led with updates on their work and connection Aldo Leopold’s land ethic. We showed a video created in 2021 for Teach the Truth Wisconsin truth videos which provides contributions from Aaron Redd (on Doctrine of Discovery), Cheyenne Larson (Sunday School hears and responds to a Native person's story of being taken from home to a Boarding School) and Sonja Keesey-Berg (a beginning outline of how your MCC and First Nations TF looks ahead). Rebecca W eise and Martha Frey shared some Land Acknowledgement Statements, including the most recent draft of an MCC Land Acknowledgement Statement. We concluded our time together by participating in reading the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address. Robin Wall Kimmerer asked us to "Imagine raising children in a culture in which gratitude is the first priority.” The suggestion was made to use any portion of the Thanksgiving Address in our personal table grace or private devotions. Connecting to the Native People will help us move forward with greater heart and understanding in finalizing the MCC Land Acknowledgement Statement and also in creating an outdoor education space for all of us, and those to visit.

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