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News from the Dane Sanctuary Coalition and MCC Sanctuary Committee

Advocate for a Pathway to Citizenship NOW

The Build Back Better bill is likely to go to the Senate in early December. There is still time to make your voice heard! 11 million immigrant neighbors, who have contributed to this country for years, are without a path forward to citizenship. They tell us NOW is the time, and including this in Biden's Build Back Better legislation is the best opportunity for this to happen. We are asked to contact our legislators and the president. Who and how to contact as well as suggested talking points are included in an information sheet from a recent Dane Sanctuary Coalition Interfaith Rally that you can find here.

Afghanistan Assistance  - Coats Still Needed

Here is a list of opportunities for helping Afghan refugees in Wisconsin from the Dane Sanctuary Coalition, or use this link from Wis. Council of Churches. 

Help Refugees by Donating Miles

Two nonprofits have joined forces to secure enough airline miles to pay for flights for about 70,000 Afghan refugees who need transportation to new communities in the United States. Click here to donate.

Advocacy for Asylum Seekers

The #WelcomeWithDignity campaign is organizing virtual advocacy days from November 17th to 19th, 2021, to coincide with our week of action. We will urge Congress to insist that the Biden administration reasserts the U.S.'s commitment to protecting people seeking asylum and demand that the Biden administration end policies such as Title 42 that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of inhumane expulsions of people who are fleeing danger and seeking protection, with no due process. Click here to register.

Climate Change and Migration Webinar  

Join Christ Presbyterian on Dec 5, 6:30-7:30 on Zoom to learn how climate change is impacting different parts of the globe and the ways catastrophic climate events are impacting migration. Contact Angie ( for additional information and to get the Zoom link. Dr. Angie Dickens has worked at the interface of environmental science and policy at the U.S. EPA, the Wisconsin DNR, and at a six-state regional planning organization.