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Immigration Overview in Adult Ed
Advent member and professor, David Canon, gave an overview of some trends and themes in U.S. immigration history. You can watch it here.
Here is a link to his slideshow.

 MCC Sanctuary Committee

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In June 2017, MCC passed the following resolution: 

As a matter of faith, and in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters whose lives and families are being torn apart by immoral immigration policies and enforcement actions, we of Madison Christian Community declare ourselves to be a Sanctuary Congregation. We commit to engage in support, advocacy, and service within our capacity to our immigrant neighbors and, in collaboration with the interfaith community and broader Dane Sanctuary network, to provide physical sanctuary as the need arises. 


Our team meets regularly to not only ensure that we are ready to welcome any potential Sanctuary-seekers, but also to plan education and advocacy opportunities for the MCC community. 





Getting Involved

This year, we made a big push for the Dane Sanctuary Coalition’s Volunteer Drivers Program. Many of our members drive for this program and have had rewarding experiences through it. Through various announcements and presentations, we worked to recruit new volunteers as well as raise funds for bus and train tickets for individuals who need to travel to Chicago for immigration needs. 


In collaboration with the Beth Israel Center, we collected clothing donations that were taken to Casa Alitas in Tucson, AZ. Additionally, the MCC hosted a viewing of the documentary A Mother’s Journey in collaboration with the Dane Sanctuary Coalition. 


The Dane Sanctuary Coalition put together a press release that was sent out titled “Call for a Just and Humane Immigration System”. The community was invited to sign on to this document, which our committee did, as well as many of our MCC members.  

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